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Only strata plans with over 100 units are required by law to have their financial statements audited. It is not necessary for the audit to be performed by a Registered Company Audit. A professional accountant in public practice can perform the strata plan audit.

  • Francis has got experience in Real Estate Trust Account Audit and we can give you a competitive fee with quality work.

  • If you are thinking of changing auditor or for whatever reason you are looking for one, you may consider us. We offer you a competitive fee with quality work.

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• Chartered Accountant (ICAA - 511895)
• Certified Public Accountant (Colorado State of USA - 29078)
• Justice of Peace NSW (196443)

Special Offer

Book keeping $44 per hour including GST if you tell us you see the offer on the website. 

For Financial Statement and Tax Return Services:

If your business has been running for up to 

3 months : $880

6 months: $1265

9 months: $1650

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