Statement of ethics

APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants:

A distinguishing mark of our accountancy profession is our acceptance of the responsibility to act in the public interest. Therefore, we shall observe and comply with the Ethics Code. The fundamental principals are as follows:-

Integrity - to be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.

Objectivity - to not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional or business judgements.

Professional Competence and Due Care - to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that a client or employer receives competent Professional Activities based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques and act diligently and in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards.

Confidentiality - to respect the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and, therefore, not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority, unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose, nor use the information for the personal advantage of the Member or third parties.

Professional Behaviour - to comply with relevant laws and regulations and avoid any action that discredits the profession.

Ethics in respect of Colorado State CPA:

We assume an obligation of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of laws and regulations.

In carrying out our responsibilities as professionals, we shall exercise sensitive professional and moral judgements in all our activities.

We shall accept the obligation to act in a way that will serve the public interest, honor the public trust, and demonstrate commitment to professionalism.

To maintain and broaden public confidence, we shall perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity.

We shall maintain objectivity and be free of conflicts of interest in discharging professional responsibilities. We shall be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and other attestation services.

We shall observe the profession’s technical and ethical standards, strive continually to improve competence and the quality of services, and discharge professional responsibility to the best of our ability (in a word, due care).

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