Slogan: “Attitude, Affordability, Ability.” We aim at providing our services to our Clients with 3A’s:


We will provide for our services in a polite manners. We will listen to you and understand your matter and needs. We will show you our recommendation or refer you to the appropriate people should your matter fall outside our services or expertise.



Basically we charge at hourly rates on time spent on your matter. Our hourly rates reflect the level of expertise the responsible staff possessed. However, we aim at providing our services at a fee affordable to the community. Therefore, we are happy to negotiate a fixed cost with you before you decide to retain our services. The final bill will reflect our cost adjusted to your situation.



Our work will reflect our professional competency. We understand Attitude and Affordability are important but no client will be happy if the expected result is not delivered. Being polite and charging a reasonable fee are not enough, Clients will not smile unless the services provided are quality and competent. We ensure our professional staff are well-qualified and the staff involved are competent enough to deal with your matter in a timely manner.



Special Offer

Book keeping $44 per hour including GST if you tell us you see the offer on the website. 

For Financial Statement and Tax Return Services:

If your business has been running for up to 

3 months : $880

6 months: $1265

9 months: $1650

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